Savelieva Anna

Curator of the collection of Japanese art, in charge of the Far East section of the Oriental Department of the State Hermitage Museum.

1996 - Graduated from the St. Petersburg Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (Department of Theory and Art History)

1999 – Graduated from the Institute of Oriental Studies with a degree in “Regional Studies” (Japanology)

Since 2003 - State Hermitage Museum, Curator of Japanese art exhibits. Besides working in the museum, she has taught in higher education institutions of Saint Petersburg.

2006-2019 – Recipient of six grants for research work in Japanese museums and universities

Areas of academic interest: netsuke carvings, Ukiyo-e prints, photography of the Meiji period (1868–1912).

Rutherston Max

Promoter of Japanese art and author of numerous publications and lectures.

1977 - Graduated from Oxford University with a degree in Modern Languages (Russian and French)

1979-1987 - Sotheby’s London, Departments of Impressionist and Modern Art, 19th Century European Paintings, Russian Paintings

1987-1992 – Independent dealer in British and European pictures

1992-2002 - Sotheby’s London, Department of Japanese Art, Director of the department and of the company

2002-2010 - Sydney L. Moss Ltd., London, Manager and specialist in Japanese art, particularly netsuke

Since 2010 - Independent dealer in Japanese art

2014 - British Museum, London. Advisor to the project “Netsuke: 100 Miniature Masterpieces from Japan”